HELP - Popular Questions & Answers

What is Souq Mobi?
Souq Mobi is an online marketplace where you can access the competitive prices for all available products in various categories. We cater the targeted audience of middle east including Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.
Why should I use Souq Mobi?
It is convenient especially when you can check the products and compare their prices online when visiting the store physically.
Can I purchase any product from Souq Mobi?
We are not selling anything. We provide the information related to products, prices and sellers. You can compare the prices of products from different available stores and select the one that suits your requirements.
I cannot locate the product that I am looking for.
You probably not be looking in the right category. Keep checking or search by placing the right keyword on our search bar or may be the product is not currently online yet.
How do I know if a product is in stock?
We would suggest that you contact the store directly or visit their website.
What is the suggested mode of payment?
The stores listed for each product offer various modes of payment
All our listed stores offer various methods of payments which will be displayed on their website.
When and how will I receive my order?
The time taken for order delivery depends on the customer's location and store's delivery methods.
What do I do if I wish to return something I purchased?
In this case we advise you to directly contact the seller/ store you purchased the product from.
What will be the cost of delivery comprise of?
It depends on the delivery mode, but most of our stores/ sellers display their delivery costs on their website. You can always check their websites in this regard.
Will my payment be secure?
We expect all our stores/ sellers to have secure mode of payment for online credit card payments.
I would like to buy a product but the price is not economical as I'd like. Can I monitor the prices to see if it drops?
We notify our customers via email if the prices for certain product declines. You need to get registered to receive the notifications.
Where can I find more information about the store I wish to buy from?
The stores are listed in the end of each product page. You can see the name of the store and the prices mentioned on each page. You can visit the website of the stores for more information.
What will be the reliable source to contact if I face a problem with payment or delivery of my purchase?
We suggest you to contact your seller directly to answer your questions accurately.
How frequently are prices updated?
The prices are updated on regular intervals as soon as we receive them from the seller or market.
What is included in the price?
The price we exhibit on Souq Mobi is the purchase price of the product. It does not include the delivery fees. This can be found on most of our listed seller stores' websites.
What are the benefits of becoming a member?
If you register yourself as a member, you become an integral part of the Souq Mobi community which means you are welcome to write product and store reviews, receive our regular newsletter and enjoy (Notify me when price is low) emails.
Does Souq Mobi verify the stores before listing them?
Yes. We ensure that all the listed stores/ sellers are reliable, feasible, and credible.