Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price and Specifications

Category: Samsung Best Price: SAR 1530

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Store Price
Small whoopey SAR 1530
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small kingsonq SAR 1834
Small blink SAR 1849
Small mikensmith SAR 1880
Small arabiacart SAR 1899
Small extrastores SAR 1899
Small abdullatifjameel SAR 1949
Small logo wadi en SAR 1998
Small hatifkom SAR 1999
Small trobone SAR 2038
Small homyonline SAR 2099
Small eshtari SAR 2099
Small souq logo v2 SAR 2199
Small albaha SAR 2199
Small saletab SAR 2757

Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small axiomtelecom SAR 2099
Small homyonline SAR 2099
Small souq logo v2 SAR 2199

Product Description

If you’ve using the “notes” from Samsung Galaxy, you would have had noticed some previous changes in designs. The latest ones are those made for the Note 5, which are mostly about premium materials. This model comes with an aluminum frame and glass front and back plates. The phone’s corners and edges have been curved and softened to make a device that’s exceptionally well-thought of.

The Samsung Note 5 doesn’t just come with a bunch of features. It has been engineered with great specs. You have the 4 GB RAM and also the storage of either 32 GB or 64 GB. Also, take note of the EXYNOS 7420, the same processor used in the S6, the S6+ Edge. The 7420 is a processor that’s designed for heavier operations like the ones that involve multiprocessing and multitasking.

On the phone’s back is a camera that sticks out, just like the one sported by the S6 – a 16 MP camera that features optical image stabilization. It is the same camera that the S6 and the S6+ Edge have. With the camera, you can take multiple videos one after the other, and save and play those videos simultaneously. 

The real blast to consider buying the Note 5 for is the S-pen. This feature has been upgraded from its previous version in the S6 and the Note 4. It has a clicker on its top that users use to eject it from the phone. You can even fiddle with this pen when you’re quite bored.

Another upgrade would be that you can write on the phone’s screen using the pen and snap away what you’ve written into a folder for later viewing. You can do this even while the phone is off.

You can also take a shot of a website with the pen for mark-up. Another feature is that the Note 5 will alert you if you happen to leave it unattended and without the pen attached to it. You will surely love the way this pen can make your life easier.
Price Insights

  • The Lowest price is SAR 1530 at Whoopey.